What Is Needed When Filing for Divorce In California

Divorce is draining — a menace you would not want to experience. Yet, sometimes, it becomes an inevitable necessity. You will need a reliable divorce attorney in such instances. This professional will walk you through the journey, ensuring that your rights are protected. However, you must understand what this process entails. Various elements are needed in this pursuit, including the following.

Asset Documentation and Income Statements

Various court systems require you to provide documents showing ownership of particular assets. These assets include residential properties, vehicles, and money market investments. However, you must have acquired these assets during the marriage.

Various states also consider the income earned during matrimony as community property. For this reason, you might need to consider providing details and documents to show what you obtained before the marriage. You might also need to prove any property or money inherited during the marriage. Prenuptial agreements will also come in handy in such instances.

Understand what is needed when filing for divorce. Sufficient proof and documentation ensure that the asset distribution is equitable and fair. A lawyer will help handle this process, ensuring that you have what belongs to you.

There are various other records that need to be collected when filing for divorce. For instance, you will need to show your income, taxes, and family budget. These records will help discern what is best for you, ensuring that everyone, including children, maintains the same social and financial status after the divorce. Property records and ownership documents will also be necessary.

Divorce Documents

Adequately filled divorce documents are essential in this pursuit. You will need to fill out different forms, including FL100 and FL110. You could also consider filling out the FL160 form if you need more room than provided in the standard petition.

Suppose you have children. In that case, you will need to complete the Declaration Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. It is also known as form FL10 or GC120.

On the other hand, a respondent will need to complete the FL120 form. You will also need to fill out the FL330 to show that you received service in person or the FL335 to prove that the service was in the mail.

Child Custody Documentation

Child custody is significantly contested in any divorce case. Regardless of how you get along with your spouse, you need to provide various documents. You need to provide multiple things, including the child’s birth certificate, information on any special needs, and education records.

In addition, you will need to provide proof that you have been a good parent. Any strained relationship between the child and one parent must also be documented and presented to the authorities. You could also consider affidavits from friends and families attesting to the child’s mental health. The idea is to get everything done in the interest of the child.

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