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Lost wages refer to the money you should have earned from your employer during a set period of time but because of an extenuating circumstance – such as an accident or personal injury.
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A valuation of individual assets isn’t necessarily as simple and straightforward as it might seem. There may be subjective or conflicting interpretation of certain assets, and sometimes people attempt to hide money and assets during legal disputes. That’s why it’s necessary to engage the services of a qualified forensic accountant who also provides asset valuation services.

Medina & Company Consulting has provided valuation of individual assets in a variety of situations for over 25 years. We work with San Carlos, Millbrae, and San Francisco, CA and the greater Firm Bay area customers and firms to ensure asset valuation that’s clear and accurate. Our highly skilled, licensed accountants have experience helping clients in personal injury claims and accident claims, workman’s compensation insurance and long-term disability claims, and more.

Regardless of the situation or the need for individual asset valuation, Medina & Company Consulting is here to help. Some of the valuation of individual asset cases we specialize in include:


Workmen’s Compensation and Employee Disability Claims

In a dispute over workers compensation benefits, we can uncover any discrepancies in employee expenses, including any hidden or off-the-books income, and any other individual valuation issues that can prove an employer’s side in these types of cases. Our asset valuations can uncover instances of fraud that may otherwise cost employers and insurance companies significant damages.

We take workers’ compensation and disability claims investigations seriously, always utilizing a forensic approach to monetary investigations. If there’s financial wrongdoing or fund misappropriation afoot, we’ll find and prove it through individual asset valuation. We’re proud of our track record assisting businesses and insurance companies throughout San Carlos, CA and the greater bay area.

Accident Report

Accident and Personal Injury Claims

When economic losses from a personal injury or vehicular accident are in question, we can help determine the real value of things like lost wages and medical care, including future losses. We can also uncover any hidden income if a person claims inability to work due to the accident or injury. Our valuation methods are proven and stand up in legal disputes, and we can serve as an expert witness to testify as to the amount of our valuations.

Leave it to our firm to calculate issues such as ongoing medical expenses, lost wages due to permanent disability and/or additional ongoing costs pertaining to a traumatic injury. We ensure our clients have a verifiable figure they can take to negotiations or legal disputes—one that confirms and justifies the damages they’re seeking.

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No matter what kind of case or dispute you’re involved in, the forensic accountants at Medina & Company Consulting have the ability to provide thorough individual asset valuation to San Carlos, CA and the greater bay area clients. We understand how to quantify damages related to property loss and wage loss. We also conduct client seminars on asset valuation tailored to your individual needs and situation.

For more information about our asset valuation services, to inquire about rates for exploring your economic damages, or to set up an appointment for claim preparation, contact us today. We’ll make sure your case gets the attention it deserves and the valuation you need to proceed with negotiations, legal action or settlement terms.

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