Business Valuation: Different Models to Calculate Business Worth

There are a number of reasons you might need to calculate your business’s worth. Whether you’re planning to sell, valuing assets for a divorce or tax purposes or have another reason, your accountant will likely use one of several small business valuation methods. Here’s a brief overview of how to calculate business valuation. What is […]

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How to Protect the Elderly from Financial Abuse and Exploitation

Our aging population consists of some of the most vulnerable Americans. As we get older, our minds may deteriorate, making it easier for unscrupulous people to take advantage of us—and our finances. How do you report elder financial abuse? Are there reporting requirements? How can you protect your loved ones? Read on to find out. […]

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What to Do When Seeking Personal Property Renditions

When you own a business, you’re legally required to report any personal property used in your business to the county appraisal office. A personal property rendition is a form stating information about your personal property, which helps the county decide how to tax you and your business. Here’s a guide to making personal property claims. […]

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