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What Is Asset Valuation and What Is Its Importance?

If you’re preparing to insure, buy, sell or let another entity take over your company, you need asset valuation. Asset valuation is the process of determining the value of a certain property, including real estate, stocks, bonds, equipment, buildings and more. It determines both assets and liabilities, which can be categorized as tangible or intangible. […]

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Five Tips for Forecasting Sales the Right Way

New year, new challenges! It’s time to start forecasting sales for your San Francisco, CA business! There is no doubt that 2020 offered many ups and downs, and now you might have more hope for stability and prosperity. But creating budgets, planning goals and staying solvent are challenging unless you make good sales forecasts. To […]

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Let’s Discuss Business Valuation

If you are self-employed or own a company, you need to be familiar with business valuations. Many business owners believe they only need a business valuation if they sell, although other situations also demand this report. Divorce, litigation, lost income or wages due to injury, estate planning and many other life events often demand the […]

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