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What Is Litigation Support, and Do You Need It?

Litigation support professionals play a crucial role within law firms and help to reduce some of the pressure on attorneys who deal with many cases and have large discovery responsibilities. But what exactly is litigation support, and what do litigation support specialists do? Here’s a quick overview of what you should know so you can […]

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What Is Litigation Support, and Why Is It Important?

Attorneys often deal with incredibly complex cases, from divorces with major assets to white collar crimes. As skilled as lawyers often are, they can’t possibly be an expert in every subject—nor do they have the time to devote to extra research and investigation. Enter the litigation support professional: a person who helps investigate, research and […]

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Top Four Reasons Why Litigation Support Is Important

Looking to streamline operations at your law firm? Many attorneys rely on the assistance of a litigation support team, helping you gather the resources you need to win any case. But what exactly is litigation support, and why is it important for your business in San Francisco, CA? Read on to learn everything you need […]

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