What To Look for When Trying To Prove Fraud and Embezzlement

Cases of embezzlement are particularly distasteful because they don’t only involve stealing assets but also trust. Evidence is the key to getting a conviction in embezzlement cases. That also means knowing what you need and how to prove an embezzlement case with those facts.

Much like what evidence is needed to prove fraud and forgery, documentation, records, transaction receipts, and banking data are a few of the key players required for an embezzlement case. When someone is guilty of embezzlement, the good news is, in the hands of skilled attorneys and forensic accountants like Medina & Company Consulting, Inc., it is only a matter of time before the truth and the facts are uncovered.

How To Prove an Embezzlement Case

The first step in proving an embezzlement case is to hire an experienced and proven attorney. Embezzlement isn’t a typical type of crime. The very best at committing these violations of trust and power are also very good at disguising, hiding, and covering their tracks.

Another key to proving an embezzlement case is figuring out just exactly what happened. There are more than a few nefarious ways that embezzlers can steal from their employers or company. Figuring out what may have happened or how the goods were stolen will aid in finding and getting the evidence and knowing what to look for too.

Did the employee siphon funds from the petty cash drawer? Was it a computer hack job to transfer funds under the radar? Misuse of company credit cards, or was it altered documentation? These are just a few of the many ways people try to scam their employers, and why attorneys and forensic accountants are necessary.

It is still a matter of evidence, however, when it comes to cases of embezzlement. Again, the good news is there are often many crumbs, trails, and records to help build the picture and case against those guilty of embezzlement. Common pieces of evidence in embezzlement cases include:

  • Forged or altered documents (checks, time cards, etc.)
  • Credit card statements and account records
  • Bank records and documentation
  • Surveillance, bank, and ATM footage

These are some of the most common and damning pieces of evidence in a forgery case. With the facts and the right representation, people guilty of embezzlement end up paying the price.

Forensic Accounting Services

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