The Value of Retaining a Forensic Accountant During Litigation for Economic Damages

Managing the details and stress of a financial dispute is almost impossible to do by yourself. Depending on the circumstances, you may need hundreds or thousands of pages of documents to support your claims and protect your income. If you haven’t already, you should retain a forensic accountant during litigation in San Francisco, CA. Read on to find out why.

Five reasons to retain the services of a forensic accountant

There’s already so many expenses involved with litigation. Is hiring a forensic accountant during litigation for economic damages in San Francisco, CA worth the additional cost, especially if you’ve already hired a lawyer to represent me? Here are five benefits of working with a forensic accountant:

  • Support your lawyer: A forensic accountant provides knowledgeable support to a lawyer during a financial dispute. Even an expert attorney might not have the extensive background in finances that you’ll get with a forensic accountant. When it comes to a legal battle involving money, don’t take your chances without a forensic accountant. The difference may seriously impact the outcome of your case.
  • Prepare essential discovery items: As your lawyer builds a case against the opposing party, your forensic accountant dives deeps into your finances to find the necessary documents to make your case. This person works directly with your lawyer to ensure they’ve collected all relevant evidence and documentation to proceed with the matter.
  • Plan financial interrogatory queries: As the expert in financial matters, a forensic accountant goes over the pertinent information to develop a line of questioning for the lawyer to pursue. Again, a lawyer doesn’t necessarily have the financial experience required to thoroughly interview someone about a financial dispute. However, your forensic accountant already looked through all of the information available and knows the case’s nuances. This professional knows the exact questions to ask to get answers that work in your favor.
  • Calculate the damage: Part of the litigation process involves determining the damage caused by the dispute. Again, a forensic accountant knows how to ascertain this total to provide during the case. Depending on your specific situation, calculating this number isn’t as simple as adding together a few figures. Your forensic accountant knows precisely how to measure the extent of your damage, so you’re appropriately compensated.
  • Overall financial expertise: Lawyers know the law. They’re familiar with the nuances of the legal system and understand how legal proceedings move forward. When your case involves a financial dispute and/or economic damages, a forensic accountant provides the high-level knowledge of finances that you need to protect your rights and assets. You may also rely on your forensic accountant for expert testimony to support your litigation team.

When you’re ready to retain a forensic accountant during litigation in San Francisco, CA, get in touch with us immediately. Medina & Company Consulting, Inc. jump into your case to gather findings and partner with your attorney to discuss necessary discovery items and plan our line of questions. Working directly with you, we’ll serve as a reliable, convincing expert witness providing testimony that makes your case.

For any sort of legal matter, you need to be fully prepared for anything that might happen. If you’re not a lawyer or forensic accountant, you won’t possibly know how to prepare and represent your best interests. Don’t miss out on what’s owed to you. Retain our top-rated forensic accounting services by reaching out today.