Business Valuation of Assets

At Medina & Company Consulting, Inc, we’ve been providing outstanding forensic accounting services in a variety of situations since 1987, and we’ve been the number one authority in forensic accounting since 2006. We’re the best at uncovering all the facts, so no matter what the situation, you have a full picture of what’s going on in any dispute. Part of our specialized forensic accounting expertise includes the valuation of business assets.

When there are issues to do with fraud, disputes between shareholders or partners, or business economic losses, it’s absolutely essential for you to have a full picture of what’s going on. In order to do this, it’s necessary to hire the services of the forensic accountants at Medina & Company Consulting, Inc. Furthermore, if your dispute goes to court you may need testimony on the valuation of your’s or your opponent’s business assets, or your attorney may just need a valuation consultant. Perhaps you are an attorney looking for help with a client’s case. Whatever the case may be, Medina & Company Consulting, Inc can help.

business valuationOur eye for detail, impartiality and expert methodology can provide business asset valuation service in instances such as:

  • Disputes among shareholders over share prices
  • Oppressed shareholder suits
  • Dissenter’s rights cases
  • Involuntary dissolution proceedings
  • Divorce cases
  • Partner disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Construction Claims
  • Expropriations
  • Product Liability claims
  • Trademark and Patent Infringements
  • Alleged Non-Compete Breach Claims

The forensic accountants at Medina & Company Consulting, Inc have extensive knowledge and experience in all valuation methods and will know the correct one to use depending on your specific claim or case.

Business asset valuation for court cases and other disputes is different from valuing assets for other reasons. Because we’re forensic accounting experts and not auditors, we know how to find hidden assets and other income. We can detect when a disclosed value is incorrect or if decimal points have been moved to alter financial disclosures. We also have extensive experience in turning all of the lists of numbers and figures that comprise financial disclosures into a clear, unbiased story so non-accountants and other laymen, such as jurors can understand our findings.

Besides disputes and other types of cases, the certified forensic accountants at Medina & Company Consulting, Inc is also available as speakers for client or employee seminars on valuation and other forensic accounting topics tailored to your business or client’s needs.

If you have a need for business asset valuation or other specialized forensic accounting services, call the experts at Medina & Company Consulting, Inc. today.

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