Individual Valuation of Assets

Valuation of individual assets isn’t necessarily as simple and straightforward as it might seem. Plus sometimes people attempt to hide money and assets during legal disputes. That’s why it’s necessary to engage the services of a qualified forensic accountant who also provides asset valuation services. Medina & Company Consulting, Inc. has been providing valuation of individual assets in a variety of situations for over 25 years.

Our highly skilled, licensed accountants have experience helping clients in divorce proceedings, personal injury claims and accident claims, Workman’s Compensation Insurance and long term disability claims, and more. No matter what you or your firm’s reason for needing individual asset valuation, Medina & Company Consulting, Inc. is here to help. Some of the valuation of individual asset cases we specialize in include:

No matter what kind of case or dispute you’re involved in, the forensic accountants at Medina & Company Consulting, Inc. have the ability to provide thorough individual asset valuation. We understand how to quantify damages related to divorce, property loss, and wage loss. We can also conduct client seminars on asset valuation tailored to your individual needs and situation.

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